Food Allergies Driving you NUTS?

Healthy MicrobiomeFood allergies are an increasing concern that affects the whole community, not just the individuals who suffer.

It is hard to relax when you know that exposure to a particular food can trigger life threatening responses. Sensitivities are becoming so acute within the population that the mere smell of a food can activate an allergic reaction.

I grew up eating peanut butter sandwiches. At school in the 70’s they were part of our lunchbox experience. In our neighbourhood we loved smashing bush nuts open with a hammer, to reveal what later became known as the exotic macadamia nut.

It took a while for me to really understand that these seemingly “innocent” nuts could be so deadly to some. Peanut butter just looks too innocent to be a danger to the community!

When we were kids we didn’t hear of food allergies, let alone to peanuts. It was unusual for someone to have any issue with food. People were allergic to bees, and blue bottles. That was understandable with their obvious sting. Not food.

Some people had eczema and asthma, but again, they weren’t as widespread as they are today.

Since the 1990’s we have seen a notable rise in the population of children with severe allergic reactions to nuts. According to one American study, the numbers have increased threefold. So serious is the situation, schools have wisely had to place total bans in place for the protection of the increasing numbers of children who are allergic to nuts, particularly peanuts.

Allergic reactions are more severe when the immune system is already over burdened. If there are underlying imbalances causing inflammation within the body, the addition of a new challenge, such as a food allergen, can generate instant reactive responses that require urgent medical attention.

Chronic allergy sufferers carry an Epipen, to administer adrenaline so that they can stop the allergic reaction when they recognise the early symptoms.

Life threatening situations shake people up. An experience can create new fears. Sufferers focus on the avoidance of allergy triggers and how they can best circumvent another outbreak in the future.  This can be all consuming in itself.

An overburdened immune system may experience relief through the gentle use of BodyTalk to address the underlying issues that have caused the inflammatory response. BodyTalk encourages the body to heal itself as communication between the body systems is restored.

BodyTalk has a powerful technique to help stabilise the Body Chemistry by energetically targeting allergies, intolerances and microbes. BodyTalk uses the latest findings from the new research coming from the Human Microbiome Project to initiate wellness. When our microbial community is out of balance, our resistance to inflammation is compromised.

BodyTalk is able to energetically address the immune system, whilst helping to restore the functionality of the organs and endocrines at a cellular level. BodyTalk can encourage the lymphatic system to release toxins, cleansing the body and improving energy levels.

It is only when we aren’t operating at our optimum levels that we think about the delicate balance that energetically connects the vitality of the bodymind. BodyTalk is an effective way to maintain the health and wellness with its gentle non-invasive ways.