Giving the Gift of Time


During the festive season, it is important to focus on our family and friends, as the essential element of the Christmas celebrations is spending time with those we love. It is vital to our wellness that we make peace with our “lot”, so that we can connect with our community in a healthy way.

When we give the gift of time, we honor the significance of our loved ones by demonstrating our presence. In spite of how much we may feel irritated at times by family members; our ability to look out for each other unconditionally is a gift of the greatest value.

The festive season can bring social expectations that put pressure on people. For families with financial worries or unhappy relationships, the prospect of a happy relaxing time may be a long way from reality. Many people are tired and stressed by the year’s end, and look forward to having some time off to relax and unwind from exhaustion.

If your “To Do” lists are overwhelming, try to scale your expectations back. Christmas should not be about who gives the best presents or spends the most on food. A simple gathering can be just as memorable.

Australians have been severely challenged this week as we have faced a number of events that will forever change how we view the world. When there is trauma and loss of life, it is significant to witness that outpourings of grief always remind us how courageous and strong the human spirit can be.

A quiet moment spent to count our blessings gives us strength to acknowledge our gift of life, which is not always wrapped within pretty decorations. Take some time to be quiet and pray for those who are suffering during this time of year.

I wish you and your family a peaceful Festive Season and the opportunity to strengthen your connections.