Cleanse your Liver to Make Lasting Plans for your Year Ahead


Cleanse Your Liver

Cleanse Your Liver

The beginning of the year is traditionally a relaxing time to review the past, and make new goals for the future. It’s great to daydream about where you want to focus your potential.


New Year’s resolutions have a reputation for falling by the way when challenges get tough if they are like shallow promises made without commitment in the midst of the party season fever.


If you are determined to succeed with your plans this year, make sure that they truly represent your values and not some flimsy passing wish. You can be certain that promises made during the festive season where alcohol is consumed are very likely to be compromised because of the Liver.


Cleanse Your Liver

The Liver? What has it got to do with goal setting you may wonder?
The Liver, known as the Seat of the Soul in Chinese Medicine, is the organ that supports our organisational skills, processing our subconscious information whilst we sleep at night.


If the Liver is congested with toxins, it is sluggish in transporting the bile towards the Gall Bladder. It is difficult to make plans when you can’t release the “baggage” of the past, especially if you have been angry and unable to express yourself.


In cooperation with the Liver, the Gall Bladder subconsciously gives us courage to make decisions and stay motivated. These two organs need to have clear energetic communication if you want to make long term goals that outlive the festive season.

Create Lasting Plans

Drink plenty of water, including lemon juice to help detoxify the Liver and focus on goals that you want to achieve rather than appeasing other people’s expectations.


BodyTalk is a powerful way to get on track for the year ahead as you prioritise the things that are meaningful to you. It is remarkable how clear your plans become when you process your “stuff”.


Make your health and well being your major goal this year so that you can continue to grow in all areas of your life.

Focus on the Year Ahead

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