Holistic Health with BodyTalk

Holistic Health

It is no fun to feel sick. Everyone agrees, especially if they are confined to bed waiting for an illness to pass. It can be very miserable. Traditionally, we are advised to consult a doctor if we feel unwell, where we itemise our problems, “I’ve got a sore throat and a headache” and rely on the GP to diagnose the disease and prescribe medicine for a speedy recovery.


Doctors often recognise when we have similar symptoms to the other patients who they have seen recently. We feel reassured when we are told “It is something that is going around” and we often leave with a prescription that we collect from the chemist on the way home.


Holistic health care takes a different approach because it treats the person as an individual who has their own inbuilt power to heal. Holistic health recognises the interdependent relationships between all the individual parts of the body, and that if one part has compromised vitality, then the overall health of the entire system will be affected. Rather than focusing on the illness, it is more effective to address the underlying issue, and this is different for each individual.


It is interesting to note that whilst symptoms appear to be similar amongst people who present with the same disease, it is puzzling that only certain members of a community become ill at a similar level of exposure to the disease.


It is likely that a person’s vulnerability to the onset of sickness depends largely on their immune system and can also be strongly influenced by their belief systems.
Have you ever heard a mother with small children say “I don’t have time to be sick” with full conviction, and remain healthy when the rest of the family is laid up in bed with the flu? A balanced immune system combined with determination creates stronger defense against stress and dis-ease.


Holistic health care

Holistic health concentrates on overcoming lifestyle influences and environmental factors that can upset the delicate balance that is always in play between the body, mind and spirit. It considers the well-being of the whole person rather than focusing on the individual parts of a human being. Personal problems, for example can cause digestive troubles. Irregular sleep habits can stress the nervous system. If lifestyle challenges are not addressed, prolonged stress can develop into serious recurring health issues.


When people are proactive with their well-being by implementing positive lifestyle changes, they are more likely to enjoy daily life. In my opinion, self care and healthy choices are vital for a long, happy life.

BodyTalk has effective preventative techniques


BodyTalk utilises techniques, such as Tapping out your Cortices that keep the energetic connections flowing between the brain and the rest of the body. It is so simple, takes very little time and makes a lasting relaxing impression on the person who is being “Tapped Out”, especially when it is done regularly.


BodyTalk is a great example of holistic health care, as it is concerned with addressing all aspects of an individual’s lifestyle, including psychological, physical and emotional influences on the body, mind and soul. The whole bodymind is regarded as a complex interconnected system rather that isolated individual parts. Physical pain can often manifest from unresolved emotional issues that are crying to be recognised and released.


Unlike a doctor, who simply looks at the symptoms for a diagnosis, a BodyTalk Practitioner considers the underlying influences that affect the total balance when treating a person’s health and well-being. The various components of the body (organs, glands, fluids etc) can be so stressed so that they are not synchronised with their support networks so their function is sluggish.


The BodyTalk practitioner takes account of all aspects of a person’s circumstances when providing a treatment that strives for optimal health and wellness. The bodymind can relax and heal when the emphasis on the connection of the whole mind, body, and spirit is acknowledged. How the person interacts with their environment is critical to the body being able to heal itself.


BodyTalk can address the imbalances and help to restore vitality back into life. By addressing the whole person holistically, anything that affects the overall health can be gently and effectively resolved and released.