Celebrate Mother’s Day and the Gift of Life

Mother's DayI am fortunate that I have the opportunity to spend Mother’s Day with both my Mum and my daughter. I enjoy having my Mum’s company and also being a mum, aware of the challenges and responsibilities of bringing a child into this world.
It is interesting to be the bridge between these two generations and have insights from both worlds that are valid, and Mother’s Day is a great excuse to get together around the table and share our views over a relaxing lunch.
Mum grew up in very different times, as a child whose values were shrouded in the frugality of the Depression, a “waste not, want not” philosophy that struggles with the squander of our disposable modern society.
As her daughter, I was brought up to look after things and this shows up in the clutter of my décor as I find it difficult to let go of items that are still potentially useful.
My daughter, on the other hand finds it much easier to let go of things. If something is broken, you bin it. It often costs more to repair our technology than to replace things. It horrifies me to realise that it is actually cheaper to buy a brand new printer than it is to replace the ink cartridges in the one you have!
Mother’s Day is a great excuse to celebrate the complexities of this world that we have been born into, and to thank Mum for giving us the gift of life. It is wonderful to acknowledge the joy and the tough times with Mum, whose sacrifices often remain unspoken.
Mums are usually the ones who deal with the coalface of children’s issues. They sit up all night with sick babies, nag about homework, worry about teens who start to socialise. Modern mothers keep the household running smoothly as well as working outside the home. Sheer determination is a testament to her spirit.
If you are fortunate to be able to spend Mother’s Day with your mum, spare a thought for your friends who are feeling the absence of their mum, especially if she has passed away. No doubt, she won’t be far from your friend’s thoughts.
I hope you get the opportunity to honor your mum this Mother’s Day, and be grateful for the amazing gift of life that she has given you.