I had an accidental fall yesterday…thank goodness for BodyTalk

I had a fallBodyTalk Cortices Technique to the rescue

Well, that was a shock. Apart from the obvious agony of the accident, suddenly I have joined the population of people who “have falls”.

As we mature, an accidental fall can potentially create incapacitating damage from broken bones and sprained muscles and ligaments. I recall my grandmother being in her 90’s when she slipped and broke her pelvis. Her bones were slow to mend, and the accidental fall left her reliant on her carers to help her get around for months.

Granted, yesterday I was in a rush for an appointment, however I didn’t think I was being particularly reckless when I stepped out of the shower. Without warning, the bathmat slipped across the tiles as I stepped onto it, and with my other foot trying to grapple with the wet tiles, it was an ungraceful decent to the hard floor. Unable to grab hold of anything, I did the splits, pulled my hamstring in the process and landed my knee solidly on top of the metal shower door frame. Ouch.

On the ground and in pain, I crawled out to my bedroom, where I assessed the damage and was grateful that nothing was broken, just hurt. Thank goodness I didn’t have to make an emergency call to the ambulance, naked and incapacitated. It was not funny from where I was, but it may have been for an observer!

With the physical pain came the fear inducing “What if” thoughts and my fight /flight response was fully activated. Trying to think clearly about what I needed to do was a struggle, as the blood had obviously left my frontal lobe.

When in doubt, use the Cortices Technique

Fortunately, once I scrambled up onto my bed, I remembered my BodyTalk training well enough to start tapping. I tapped out my Cortices three times, then I tapped them out with the focus on my knee, and finally I tapped out the Reciprocal (Elbow to Knee).

I considered cancelling the scheduled appointment, but as I knew I didn’t have to walk far, I got myself dressed and 10 minutes later I was driving the car. By the time I returned home an hour and a half later, my knee was sore but not as bad as I’d expected. I was surprised that I wasn’t limping or using my Gran’s old walking stick. The purple bruise came out later in the day.

This morning I set out on my regular morning walk, grateful that I had remembered to tap out my Cortices at the time of the fall. The ability of the human body to repair itself never ceases to amaze me and the application of the Cortices Technique still astounds me after all these years as a BodyTalk practitioner.

So simple and so powerful, thank goodness this amazing natural remedy is easy to use, as long as you remember to do it!