The Meeting of BodyTalk and Science

IBA Conference Vancouver 2015International Gathering for Holistic Healthcare Practitioners

I have just returned from the International BodyTalk Association Members Conference in Vancouver, where I spent three days with my colleagues from across the globe discussing the application and brilliance of the BodyTalk System. This community of holistic healthcare practitioners includes medical doctors, scientists, nurses, chiropractors, teachers, business owners, as well as a variety of people who have been inspired to help others by utilising BodyTalk to improve healthcare naturally.

 Holistic Approach to Health

John Veltheim’s address reminded us about the effectiveness of tapping out the Reciprocals. This was one of the first techniques he taught at the first BodyTalk course in Malta in 1993, as a way to improve the movement and function of the body. John emphasised that his desire to teach simple techniques to enable people to help themselves was his original motivating force.
[Read to the end to find out how you can learn the Reciprocals for yourself.]

BodyTalk and Scientists Share the Stage

In addition to presentations from the BodyTalk community, we were fortunate to have two dedicated scientists as our keynote speakers, who shared great enthusiasm for BodyTalk and its implications for holistic healthcare.
Professor Gerald Pollack PhD, from the University of Washington in Seattle has focused his research on water, specifically the fourth phase of water, known as EZ water.

When hydration becomes a frequent priority in our BodyTalk treatments, the knowledge that Professor Pollack shared with us from his research findings, is immediately useful in our healthcare practices.

Nassim Haramein is well known in the scientific world as a controversial thinker for his dedication to his research into the connected universe. Hi search for a unified theory that connects the cosmological and astrophysics sciences with the quantum sciences has challenged traditional scientific views, but to us, as BodyTalkers, makes total sense (“as above so below”).

I will be writing more in my next post about what each of these inspirational speakers discussed, particularly with regard to the implications for healthcare.

Holistic Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Finally, enthused by John’s words about the Reciprocals, a technique that I use often in my practice, I have decided to share the technique with anyone who books and pays in advance for three BodyTalk appointments with me at my clinic in Fitzgibbon.

In addition to your scheduled three appointments, where we will address your specific healthcare issues, I will show you all three groups of Reciprocal points so that you can implement them into your daily well-being. Just ask at your time of booking (Phone 0411 542 889) and it will be included.

In my opinion, a block of treatments is far more effective that expecting a miracle from one appointment, so this offer is ideal for anyone committed to improving their health using a safe and effective way.

The best part of attending the International BodyTalk Association Members Conference is the reminder that BodyTalk is a unique and powerful holistic approach to health that has the ability to address underlying issues that, once addressed, promote wellness in all areas of the bodymind.

Now, that is exciting news for being able to improve healthcare naturally!

Phone 0411 542 889 for your appointment.