Let Your BodyTalk to Your Holistic Health Coach

Let your body talkBodyTalk is a gentle holistic therapy that gets transformational results by giving the subconscious issues of the body a voice.

We often don’t take the time to process and release our reactions to life’s challenges. Our chaotic lives provide the ideal reason to shove our emotions deep down, thinking that we will deal with them later.
Often we remain so busy that we forget to reflect on what has happened. We ignore a review of our reactions, and consequently the body deals with them within our biology. Our cellular structure is weakened as it is burdened with extra unprocessed information.This, in turn, allows our emotions to compromise our health and it can make us sick.
Alternatively, when you let your body talk by tapping into the innate consciousness, it is easy to process emotions through the energetic circuitry and release the imbalances safely and gently. When you let go of your challenges, you gain the benefits of experience that develop your wisdom without the sense of trauma.
Without healthy expression, our pancreas will worry more than it is designed to do, and our digestive system will have to work harder to extract the essence from any issues. Have you noticed how upset your stomach feels when you are anxious about something? We even say that we have butterflies in our stomach when we are nervous.
When we face a crisis that triggers our subconscious memory, it is possible to overreact because the new event forces us to deal with our emotional backlog. When we step from being logical and in control, into an instant overwhelm of emotion, whether it be fear, sadness, anger or jealousy, we are engaging with pain from our past.
When our activated hurt becomes our behaviour, we need a way to release its hold. When we can identify the underlying cause, we can set ourselves free.
holistic health coachEvery BodyTalk practitioner is an holistic health coach, encouraging your body/mind to recognise any issues that need to be explored so they can be released. Once you let go of your “stuff”, you feel a deep sense of relaxation and peace.
Without the chaos interfering with your energy, you can let your body talk about any aspect of your health that is a priority. This holistic therapy focuses on the individual’s specific needs rather than imposing an agenda, and that makes BodyTalk very effective when dealing with emotional traumas.
BodyTalk is safe and gentle for people dealing with distress as it releases the emotional hold. When the body relaxes, the innate wisdom can direct the healing processes to get to work at the cellular level.
BodyTalk Practitioners work as an holistic health coach setting up a dialogue with the innate wisdom. We observe the release of tensions and imbalances of energy. It’s always rewarding to see people who become much happier when they have released an issue that has held them back for a long time.
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5 Ways to Relieve Stress Naturally

ways to relieve stress naturallyRelieve Stress Naturally
In the quiet of the new day, I enjoy an energising half hour walk to reduce stress and keep my body active and flexible.
As I walk along the pathways of my sleeping neighborhood, I am calmed by the tranquility of the early morning. I love having the place to myself before the bustle of the day starts. I make sure that I don’t think about anything that makes me feel stressed out as I treat myself to this special time.
I have developed several ways to relieve stress that I concentrate on for the entire walk. I have noticed that they help my productivity for the day ahead by enabling me to be centred and focused.
Here are 5 simple ways to reduce stress that you can use when you are walking:
1. Mindfulness
When you concentrate on the details of all of your surroundings and experience an awareness of your thoughts and feelings without reacting or judging, you become calm. When you stop allowing the clutter to overtake your mind, you become present.
2. Breathing
Focus on your breathing to see if your breath inhalations and exhalations are even in length. Count your breath to see. When you make an effort to equalise the breath, your emotions stabilise. When you manage to reduce stress with this simple technique you set yourself free.
3. Vary Your Speed
Increasing your walking speed gives your metabolism the chance to work a bit harder, and helps to increase your blood circulation. Varieties of pace and movement are great for the joints and the body’s flexibility.
4. Stretch
Making exaggerated movements with your arms whilst walking is especially beneficial if you have been stressed out as it gives you a chance to shake off your anxiety. If you pause your walk briefly when you have a lovely outlook, and hold your shoulders back with your arms wide, you will open up your chest and release fear. Stretching and breathing are good companions to synchronise. Take a moment to rest.
5. Practice gratitude
Gratitude shifts negativity at a deep cellular level. If you can find just five things every day to be grateful for, you can alter your energy levels quite quickly. As I walk I see trees and gardens and lovely houses. I see cats sitting in windows and dogs napping in warm spots. I hear children giggling, and I greet the early risers. It is a wonderful feeling being up so early to welcome the day.


These are just five of the ways to relieve stress that I use regularly. I think that it is good to learn a couple of techniques and then simplify their use into a routine that becomes second nature.
When you do something methodically for 21 days, it becomes habitual so you don’t need to think so consciously about it.
By joining the techniques into your walk, you exercise your body and mind. When you notice your emotional life stabilising, you won’t be so stressed out and you will be eager to leap out of bed every morning to go for your early walk.

BodyTalk and the Connected Universe

Nassim Haramein Nassim Haramein has spent many years pondering a theory that presents all of the laws of the Universe as a unified science. His attempts to bridge the chasm between astrophysics and cosmology with quantum mechanics have seen him develop a published formula in order to prove his theory about the Connected Universe.
Nassim believes that there is order, not chaos in the universe. He asserts that the Universe is not randomly collapsing waveforms based on probability, but a set of laws that are governed by dynamic connection.
His engaging discussion that led us down the rabbit hole of scientific mathematics at the IBA Members Conference in Vancouver, was thought provoking and inspiring, starting with this concept: The Connected Universe
Reality = Space With Fluctuations
and that the material world is made up of 99.99999% space.
It’s a mind boggling picture of reality. Our earthly lifestyles see us more aware and focused on the “things” around us rather than the empty space between! We notice what we can see and feel with our senses, but we can’t possibly know what is outside our perception horizon.
Nassim is clearly passionate about his work, and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge. He believes that energetic charge comes from the vacuum of space, however, he stated that this is still unknown so far.
After a dazzling mathematical discourse about the scientific nature of the universe, he then mused about our remarkable state of grace, where the probability of humans existing at all was extremely slim.
Nassim HarameinNassim suggested that our next frontier in science relates to our learning to control gravity on a large scale as we make plans to leave Earth to harness resources, such as water, from the asteroid belt, or, closer to home, create shields to protect the Earth from sun flares or asteroids.
As if to add to the futuristic science fiction feel of the presentation, Professor Pollack, listening from the audience, replied that he already had a “Lifter” in his lab at the university. The BodyTalk audience became very intrigued!
We have stepped into a technological new age where science and the consciousness of healthcare meet!

For more information have a look at Nassims website:


The Fourth Phase of Water

EZ Water

BodyTalk meets EZ Water

Gerald H. Pollack PhD, Professor of Bio-engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, US, has focused his research on water, specifically the fourth phase of water, known as EZ water.

We were fortunate to have him speak at the recent International BodyTalk Association Members Conference in Vancouver in August, where we were treated to an explanation of his laboratory findings.

The Professor enthusiastically shared his years of research with the BodyTalk members, knowing that this information is very useful for our treatments.

We are generally aware of the three states of water, being solid, liquid and vapor, however the fourth phase, known as EZ (Exclusion Zone) water has a purity and viscosity that creates powerful benefits for healthcare, particularly for practitioners of energy medicine, such as BodyTalk. Now, when the BodyTalk Hydration technique comes up as a priority in a BodyTalk treatment, we can use this information to energetically saturate the cells in the body much faster by aligning with the cell structures.

The Fourth Phase of WaterEZ water occurs when liquid water meets a surface. The molecular configuration is changed to a gel-like structure, creating a liquid crystal, which happens to be the main component of water within our cells.

BodyTalk Hydration Technique


Knowing about EZ water helps us to understand the cellular components that maximise the body’s hydration. We can focus our BodyTalk Hydration treatments specifically on the EZ water in the body to improve the uptake of water in all areas that require a good saturation of water to function well, for example the blood.

Many people do not drink enough water each day to keep the cells and joints in the body lubricated. Dehydration has severe detrimental effects that impact on the physiology of all systems of the body, and contribute to the breakdown of our cellular structures, thus contributing to disease.

EZ WaterProfessor Pollack has found that light builds the store of EZ water, so to optimise health, exposure to sunlight is necessary for the body’s systems to operate well.
He showed us his lab experiments where he created a motion machine that is almost perpetual with the use of EZ water. It demonstrated that a well hydrated body system should function fairly effortlessly, and provide necessary lubrication for the organs and body parts when it is provided with clean water.
Understanding the vitality that is provided to us through our consumption of clean water, as it is converted to EZ water encourages us to keep our bodies well hydrated for a long healthy life.

To find out more about Gerald Pollack’s Book The Fourth Phase of Water:


Dr Wayne W Dyer (May 10, 1940 – August 29, 2015)

Dr Wayne W DyerThe passing of Dr Wayne W Dyer aged 75, has left a legacy of positive influence across the planet that will see him remembered as a man of great wisdom and inspiration.
He wrote many best-selling books, starting with “Your Erroneous Zones” in 1976. What he left behind is a library of great teachings that came about because of his personal challenges which he chose to share for the benefit of our personal development. Wayne was a man who connected easily with people because he was himself so lovingly real. He had decided that no matter what challenges life would bring him, he saw the spiritual lesson and was grateful. He was a deep soul who could laugh at the folly of life. He often spoke of his love for his family. A simple man at heart, he had grown so rich in his spirit. He devoted his life to helping others by sharing his wisdom. He loved people.
He made a great contribution to the lives he touched, and lived according to simple spiritual principles that included:
“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”
How true…
I was fortunate to see him speak and meet him at a Hay House “I Can Do It” event in Brisbane many years ago. His warmth and ability to release judgement in the face of great challenge was truly inspiring. His ability to forgive was enormous, as was his insight into the spiritual lessons that life brings, often presented as enormous difficulties. He was a wise sage.

The passing of Dr Wayne W Dyer is time to reflect with sadness at the loss of this great man’s presence. He is already very missed by his family and his readers and all those who came in contact with his generous character.
I am blessed to have encountered his presence, and I send great love to his family as they process his passing. He truly was an extraordinary man!