Natural Pain Relief with BodyTalk

Natural pain reliefOur physical bodies are ingeniously designed to house our soul over the course of a lifetime. Sometimes, however, our parts wear out or become injured, and we experience acute pain that interferes with our daily activities.
A common response to pain is to take pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs; however, these don’t always work as they mask the symptoms but don’t boost the underlying natural healing process.
Physical pain is our body’s way of attracting attention to an injury or energetic imbalance so that we can attend to its source.
Before we look at what BodyTalk can do to for natural pain relief, let us first acknowledge the complexities of the cellular structures of the body, and its ability to adapt to the environment that we live in.
Designed to keep us safe, the body can react to danger instantaneously, without requiring us to think about what we are doing. Our in-built responses give us the opportunity to flee threats according to their direction of impact. Being agile enables greater adaptability and survival.
Nothing speaks of physical fitness more than an active body that endures the challenges of diverse ranges of motion, punctuated by periods of rest. The healthy body is a masterpiece that is intended to last many years.
When we are in acute pain, however, we are forced to rest, recover and reassess our activities. When our movement is restricted, we can feel frustrated, and if we are hurt, our senses can become overwhelmed with the painful distraction. The body is designed to heal, and the pain highlights the areas that require natural pain relief.
I saw a client some years ago who had injured his knee whilst running. Unhappy with the lengthy recovery time of 10 months estimated by his doctor, he came to see me because he was determined to get back on track as quickly as possible. I cautioned him to exercise carefully, in line with his doctor’s advice, however after 3 BodyTalk sessions that focused on his knee’s own natural healing abilities, he was soon running again.
BodyTalk has a number of techniques that assist with the reduction of acute pain, whether working with the body’s physical structure or an underlying consciousness issue. Always tailored to the individual’s circumstances, BodyTalk speeds up the healing process by targeting the area that is in need of attention.
Granted, if you have a broken bone, there is nowhere more equipped than a hospital emergency room, however, if you want to recover more quickly, book a BodyTalk appointment to speed the natural healing process. You might be surprised at what you discover about yourself!
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