What are Essential Oils?

what are essential oilsWhen my brother and I were kids, we lived in a country town where we were often scraping our skin and getting bitten by bugs. We played sport and rode our bikes across town over the bridge that spanned the Richmond River.

If we weren’t at school or doing chores we were outside playing with our friends and exploring the neighbourhood. When I think about it, we were a pretty adventurous mob.

The unbreakable rule was that we had to be home by dark.

In summer we’d stay out until the last minute, arriving at the dinner table covered in mosquito bites. We’d get out the tea tree oil to stop the itch and calm the bites so we could eat without scratching.

The other oil that we often used was eucalyptus oil. If anyone had a head-cold, we’d inhale a few drops in a bowl of hot water. There was no essential oil diffuser in those days.

That was my introduction to essential oils.

We used the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils regularly and freely because we knew that they were safe for the whole family. We also used Lavender oil to keep moths out of our clothes successfully while it kept our drawers smelling wonderful.

So, what are essential oils?

  • Essential oils are concentrated aromatic compounds that can be found in the various parts of plants such as flowers, seeds, stems, bark and roots. They provide plants with natural fragrant protection against predators and disease, whilst also attracting bees for the pollination process. Clever, aren’t they?
  • Essential oils are extracted from plants and used to scent perfumes, massage oils, and beauty products. You’ll find them in shampoos and soaps as well as other household cleaning items.
  • Well known oils like lemon and peppermint are used to flavour food.
  • Essential oils have been used throughout history for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. The Egyptians were well known for their use of embalming oils to preserve their dead. The three wise men famously journeyed to the birth of Jesus Christ, where they gave him gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh, essential oils that are still used today for their healing qualities.

What are essential oils used for in our daily lives?  

Many of the oils smell so wonderful, they lift your spirits when inhaled. If your memory needs some help, diffusing Rosemary oil has been found to improve your cognitive skills by at least 15%.

An essential oil diffuser is a great way to distribute fragrance throughout your living space to enhance your mood. I love the ultrasound diffusers that use vibration, not heat, to diffuse the oils.

I was thrilled when a friend introduced me to the dōTERRA range of essential oils recently. They’re all 100% pure certified therapeutic grade so you know they are totally natural and safe to use with your family.

Since I began using tea tree oil when I was so young, for its antiseptic and anti-fungal qualities, I understand how safe and simple essential oils are to use.

I’ve been diffusing dōTERRA essential oils in my home now for 4 weeks, for at least 6 hours every day, and I honestly feel happier and more relaxed. I love the Wild Orange oil for its joyful nature, and the On Guard oil for helping my immune system to stay strong during the flu season.

If you’d like to know more about using essential oils in your home, get in touch with me and I will answer your questions.

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