Making Plans, Setting Goals and New Year Resolutions

Setting Goals

The New Year period is a wonderful time to reflect and relax.

Taking a well-earned break soothes the soul and gives the mind a chance to daydream about setting goals whilst the body is in a peaceful state.

By the time routines become re-established after the holiday season, it is powerful to be making plans that align with your sense of purpose (doing the things that matter most to your individual values).

Many people make New Year resolutions that lack sustenance because they make promises that aren’t in alignment with their values. When they get 3 days into the New Year and they haven’t modified their over-eating or stopped smoking, people get very disappointed and give up on their New Year resolutions altogether. With a little more planning these goals are very achievable.

One of my good friends has described her annual ritual that brings a sense of joy as she draws an imaginary ‘line in the sand’ to jump over into the New Year. She intentionally clears the slate in her mind, thankful for the fresh start that the New Year offers for making plans.

A few days of respite from the responsibilities of life can recharge your enthusiasm to make a difference, and provides the chance to re-energise your body, mind and soul, ready for setting goals for the year ahead.

It is satisfying to have a ritual to leave old problems behind, and the New Year is an ideal time to symbolise this. Sometimes a simple determination to view our things from a more positive perspective can give you a fresh outlook, especially if you are overwhelmed.

When we recharge our batteries, we can come back refreshed with a more relaxed and creative approach to life’s challenges. Setting goals can excite us to reach beyond our comfort zone to achieve in ways we never dreamt possible. Making plans propels us in a direction that nourishes our soul.

Over the holidays I had the pleasure to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘Big Magic’. I love her approach to dealing with fear … accept that it walks hand in hand with creativity, give it space in your life, but no matter what, when it comes to creative expression, don’t take fear’s advice, unless your ultimate survival is at stake.

Last year whizzed by, conjuring up plenty of drama and surprises to accompany world events that would have us pulling the covers over our heads. It’s hard to keep calm about the dangers of the world around us. Its frightening stuff … the shocking news is everywhere in the media. Bad news sells.

But here’s something all of us might pay more attention to: University of Ottawa professor Paul Robinson told The Huffington Post (Canada) in 2015 that “we actually live in the safest time period in human history”. Don’t take my word for it. Google it. You’ll be quietly reassured.

This year, let’s wipe the slate clean with some hope. Stop watching the news ad nauseam and get out your hobbies and creative dreams. Enchant your imagination. Commit to listening to your creativity with more interest. Spend time with family and friends in pursuit of love and laughter. Make some New Year Resolutions that will be a joy to embrace.

Focus on the things that really matter. Prioritise your health and well-being. Commit to activities that nurture your body, mind and soul. Surround yourself with good people and develop your positive mindset. Look for the opportunity to grow in every situation. Keep an eye out for every chance to connect with great people.

And above all sing your song!

If you’d like some assistance to clear the physical, mental and emotional clutter before you move forward in this fresh new year, phone me on 0411 542 889 to make an appointment for a BodyTalk session with me. The opportunity to communicate verbally and energetically can help clarify your purpose beyond the limitations of language.