About BodyTalk

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a simple and effective natural therapy that stimulates the body’s innate ability to heal itself on all levels.

BodyTalk provides the ultimate holistic health care for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges as it focuses on all life experiences that contribute to imbalances within the mind and body.

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Have you noticed that when we cut ourselves, the immune system races immediately, without any conscious thought; directly to the site to fight infection and mend the wound? BodyTalk focuses and accelerates this process by energetically re-synchronizing the healing process after stress.


We are full of cells that transmit information throughout the body through electrical impulses, passing data along networks that from time to time break down. Reconnecting these lines of communication enables the body to function at optimal levels. By repairing the internal structures, we can prevent disease while rapidly accelerating the natural healing process.



Body Talk

BodyTalk is a Safe and Effective Natural Therapy

It is important to address the underlying issues that prevent wellness. Trauma, toxins, bacteria, viruses, unexpressed emotions and even genetics can disrupt the sophisticated energetic bodymind links. Subconscious belief systems can undermine our attempts to achieve success unless we process our losses.


Akin to an electrical circuit when a fuse is blown, the body’s health can deteriorate, leading to sickness or disease. BodyTalk’s unique approach focuses on the priority of each individual’s specific needs. The tapping technique that is administered is very gentle, making it pain free and non-invasive. This is ideal for sensitive people, and is an holistic health care system that is completely safe for all ages.


BodyTalk utilises a number of powerful techniques to address various health challenges. The foundation technique is known as Tapping Out Your Cortices.


How To Tap Out Your Cortices

Tap Out Your Cortices

Tap Out Your Cortices

  • Starting at the base of the skull (Occipital lobe) hold with one hand and tap on your head then heart with the other, over 2 breaths.
  • Move the hand to the next position (Parietal lobe).            Tap on head and heart over 2 breaths.
  • Move the hand to the next position (Frontal lobe).             Tap on head and heart over 2 breaths.
  • Place hands on side of head (Temporal lobe).                   Tap on head and heart over 2 breaths.
  • Repeat process any time you would like to feel more focused and grounded.





Holistic Health Care with a BodyTalk Treatment

BodyTalk uses a biofeedback technique that enables the practitioner to gain essential information for the client’s treatment that would remain elusive to traditional medical practitioners. For this reason, BodyTalk is a valuable interface between medical and natural therapies as it focuses on the priorities of the individual client.


Processing the personalised formula requires the client to be gently tapped on the head and the heart whilst focusing on any highlighted body parts. This restores the energy circuits and a multitude of complex nerve highways then calm down.


Clients often feel a profound sense of relaxation when they have a BodyTalk treatment as the bodymind releases issues that interfere in the healthy function of daily life.


BodyTalk is a powerful natural therapy for the prevention of health issues before they manifest as illness. Many clients have regular maintenance treatments, particularly those working in stressful careers.


Body Innate Wisdom


The Effects of Stress

Stress is a major killer in our modern society. High blood pressure and heart rate, fatigue, digestive disorders, hormone imbalances, infertility issues and immune system disorders are all illnesses that are stress related.


Daily pressures from the burdens of responsibility wear people down to a level of overwhelm and despair that compromise the body’s ability to deal with a new challenge. When the body can’t heal properly, illnesses occur , along with aches and pain from inflammation in the body.


When our flight or fight mechanisms are activated too frequently, our adrenal glands don’t receive enough time to rest and recover, our hormones deplete and we can become severely ill. We may feel like we have blown a fuse. Tapping out your Cortices in this situation is often well received as the brain can re-calibrate with the body to relax the circuitry and enable a quick recovery.


Managing Information


Let Your Body Talk

Your BodyTalk practitioner will work their way through a series of questions until they find out what the priority is for you. They will create a formula specifically for you, based on the answers supplied through the bio- feedback muscle check. The formula often provides “ah ha” insights that unlock subconscious information.


It can be a liberating experience when unacknowledged feelings are released after a lifetime of living with a sabotage pattern. Many people return to a state of holistic health after releasing their fears and blockages. The experience is different for everyone, depending on the individual circumstances of life, however many clients experience a sense of peace after a BodyTalk session. This natural therapy is so gentle during the process, the deep relaxation that clients experience is a bonus in addition to the treatment.

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