Making Plans, Setting Goals and New Year Resolutions

Setting Goals

The New Year period is a wonderful time to reflect and relax.

Taking a well-earned break soothes the soul and gives the mind a chance to daydream about setting goals whilst the body is in a peaceful state.

By the time routines become re-established after the holiday season, it is powerful to be making plans that align with your sense of purpose (doing the things that matter most to your individual values).

Many people make New Year resolutions that lack sustenance because they make promises that aren’t in alignment with their values. When they get 3 days into the New Year and they haven’t modified their over-eating or stopped smoking, people get very disappointed and give up on their New Year resolutions altogether. With a little more planning these goals are very achievable.

One of my good friends has described her annual ritual that brings a sense of joy as she draws an imaginary ‘line in the sand’ to jump over into the New Year. She intentionally clears the slate in her mind, thankful for the fresh start that the New Year offers for making plans.

A few days of respite from the responsibilities of life can recharge your enthusiasm to make a difference, and provides the chance to re-energise your body, mind and soul, ready for setting goals for the year ahead.

It is satisfying to have a ritual to leave old problems behind, and the New Year is an ideal time to symbolise this. Sometimes a simple determination to view our things from a more positive perspective can give you a fresh outlook, especially if you are overwhelmed.

When we recharge our batteries, we can come back refreshed with a more relaxed and creative approach to life’s challenges. Setting goals can excite us to reach beyond our comfort zone to achieve in ways we never dreamt possible. Making plans propels us in a direction that nourishes our soul.

Over the holidays I had the pleasure to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘Big Magic’. I love her approach to dealing with fear … accept that it walks hand in hand with creativity, give it space in your life, but no matter what, when it comes to creative expression, don’t take fear’s advice, unless your ultimate survival is at stake.

Last year whizzed by, conjuring up plenty of drama and surprises to accompany world events that would have us pulling the covers over our heads. It’s hard to keep calm about the dangers of the world around us. Its frightening stuff … the shocking news is everywhere in the media. Bad news sells.

But here’s something all of us might pay more attention to: University of Ottawa professor Paul Robinson told The Huffington Post (Canada) in 2015 that “we actually live in the safest time period in human history”. Don’t take my word for it. Google it. You’ll be quietly reassured.

This year, let’s wipe the slate clean with some hope. Stop watching the news ad nauseam and get out your hobbies and creative dreams. Enchant your imagination. Commit to listening to your creativity with more interest. Spend time with family and friends in pursuit of love and laughter. Make some New Year Resolutions that will be a joy to embrace.

Focus on the things that really matter. Prioritise your health and well-being. Commit to activities that nurture your body, mind and soul. Surround yourself with good people and develop your positive mindset. Look for the opportunity to grow in every situation. Keep an eye out for every chance to connect with great people.

And above all sing your song!

If you’d like some assistance to clear the physical, mental and emotional clutter before you move forward in this fresh new year, phone me on 0411 542 889 to make an appointment for a BodyTalk session with me. The opportunity to communicate verbally and energetically can help clarify your purpose beyond the limitations of language.

What are Essential Oils?

what are essential oilsWhen my brother and I were kids, we lived in a country town where we were often scraping our skin and getting bitten by bugs. We played sport and rode our bikes across town over the bridge that spanned the Richmond River.

If we weren’t at school or doing chores we were outside playing with our friends and exploring the neighbourhood. When I think about it, we were a pretty adventurous mob.

The unbreakable rule was that we had to be home by dark.

In summer we’d stay out until the last minute, arriving at the dinner table covered in mosquito bites. We’d get out the tea tree oil to stop the itch and calm the bites so we could eat without scratching.

The other oil that we often used was eucalyptus oil. If anyone had a head-cold, we’d inhale a few drops in a bowl of hot water. There was no essential oil diffuser in those days.

That was my introduction to essential oils.

We used the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils regularly and freely because we knew that they were safe for the whole family. We also used Lavender oil to keep moths out of our clothes successfully while it kept our drawers smelling wonderful.

So, what are essential oils?

  • Essential oils are concentrated aromatic compounds that can be found in the various parts of plants such as flowers, seeds, stems, bark and roots. They provide plants with natural fragrant protection against predators and disease, whilst also attracting bees for the pollination process. Clever, aren’t they?
  • Essential oils are extracted from plants and used to scent perfumes, massage oils, and beauty products. You’ll find them in shampoos and soaps as well as other household cleaning items.
  • Well known oils like lemon and peppermint are used to flavour food.
  • Essential oils have been used throughout history for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. The Egyptians were well known for their use of embalming oils to preserve their dead. The three wise men famously journeyed to the birth of Jesus Christ, where they gave him gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh, essential oils that are still used today for their healing qualities.

What are essential oils used for in our daily lives?  

Many of the oils smell so wonderful, they lift your spirits when inhaled. If your memory needs some help, diffusing Rosemary oil has been found to improve your cognitive skills by at least 15%.

An essential oil diffuser is a great way to distribute fragrance throughout your living space to enhance your mood. I love the ultrasound diffusers that use vibration, not heat, to diffuse the oils.

I was thrilled when a friend introduced me to the dōTERRA range of essential oils recently. They’re all 100% pure certified therapeutic grade so you know they are totally natural and safe to use with your family.

Since I began using tea tree oil when I was so young, for its antiseptic and anti-fungal qualities, I understand how safe and simple essential oils are to use.

I’ve been diffusing dōTERRA essential oils in my home now for 4 weeks, for at least 6 hours every day, and I honestly feel happier and more relaxed. I love the Wild Orange oil for its joyful nature, and the On Guard oil for helping my immune system to stay strong during the flu season.

If you’d like to know more about using essential oils in your home, get in touch with me and I will answer your questions.

If you’d like to purchase dōTERRA essential oils CLICK HERE.

How to Regulate your Breathing Techniques with BodyTalk and Increase your Blood Oxygen Level

blood oxygen level Would you love to wake up on Monday morning and start your day with powerful breathing techniques before you jump out of bed full of excitement and enthusiasm for your day ahead? It is exciting to see what life has to offer when you are productive and focused on your dreams, particularly if they involve helping others.

People who are pursuing their goals will identify with this energised start to the day, but for many, the drudgery of routine knocks the wind out of their sails and destroys any feelings of joy. Unfortunately the disappointments of how life has actually turned out are a far cry from where you thought you’d be when you dreamed of your future as an innocent child. Reality and responsibility can trap us into thinking that this is as good as it gets, and we can suffer from grief about our lost dreams.

It is normal to worry about our survival because we are wired to react to danger so that we can make appropriate changes for our safety. However, part of our response to stress impacts on our breathing techniques. We breathe in a shallow manner when we are alerted to peril, and this can become a routine pattern unless we consciously remind ourselves to breathe all the way down into our lungs. Compromised breathing inhibits the blood oxygen level of the whole body and causes fluctuations in the emotional state.

Have you ever stopped to think about all the work your body does automatically, like breathing, with no conscious effort from you as you go about your day? In my mind, it is a miracle that we stay so healthy and live for so long, given all the stress that we encounter on a daily basis.

As we draw air into our bodies, our lungs convert it into oxygen and that supplies energy to our blood, which in turn circulates it throughout our body. This gives us life and animates our body and mind. In short: no oxygen, no life. Just ask anyone who suffers from asthma or emphysema how restricted they feel when they can’t get any air. It is frightening to not be able to fill your lungs to capacity, and urgent treatment is necessary to survive an attack.

When we address the lungs in BodyTalk we look at the physical function as well as the underlying issues, such as grief and environmental alerts that compromise our well-being.

We have an excellent technique that opens up the capacity of the lungs that helps to revitalise the whole body. One of my clients has reported back to me that her blood tests showed a significant measured increase in haemoglobin levels since her last BodyTalk treatment. That means she now has an improved blood oxygen level throughout her body, and that is great news for every one of her approximate 100 trillion cells.

When she shared this information with me I was very excited because it represents feedback of tangible results from her BodyTalk treatment.

When we face an overwhelming amount of pressure and stress in this crazy fast paced world, we don’t usually think about our breathing techniques or the importance of the job that our lungs do for our basic survival. It is important that we are able to keep the flow of oxygen circulating throughout our body to keep our cells functioning well and our energy levels high.

BodyTalk is a great way to improve your vitality. Get in touch for your appointment today. Phone 0411 542 889, or email me at to make a time to restore your energy levels sooner rather than later.

“The Benefits of Stress” is now an Amazon Kindle #1 Best Seller

Number 1 Best Seller Energy Healing Ribbon

Number 1 Best Seller in Energy Healing

Following a successful launch of “The Benefits of Stress” it is exciting to be able to announce that the book has become an Amazon Kindle #1 Best Seller.

I want to extend a special thank you to every one who has supported me to get this book published. 

“The Benefits of Stress” was released globally so you can grab a copy on any Amazon site.

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For those of you who like to read a hard copy, I am in the process of releasing a paperback version within the next 2 months. I will keep you posted.


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Simple Relaxation Techniques for Mastering Stress Management


Do you feel tired and overwhelmed by stress as you struggle to keep up with a never-ending “to-do” list?

Have you got too much to do and not enough time to do it?

Are you going through the motions of routine without a sense of joy?

This practical and enlightening book is packed with powerful ideas and techniques that can be used immediately to increase your vitality and sense of purpose.

Stress is one of the most debilitating afflictions of modern living that can undermine women’s health and happiness. The Benefits of Stress shows another side to the messages that stress delivers and prompts us to make lasting changes that will establish thriving growth.Unless we stop and listen to the innate wisdom of our body and mind, we remain disconnected from our source of fulfillment that comes from a deep sense of purpose. If our lives are constantly disrupted by unresolved stress, we spend our time in damage control, reacting to our physical, mental and emotional discomfort as we lose focus on the things that truly matter. The years pass quickly and when we don’t feel like we can achieve our dreams we become challenged by our frustrations.

Stress chokes the happiness from our lives, while the financial cost of its treatment is enormous. Even the World Health Organisation says that stress has become one of the leading causes of disease.

Written by a natural therapist with over 10 years experience as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, who has personally experienced an abundance of life’s challenges, The Benefits of Stress is a collation of practical, common-sense ideas and information that can help women to feel more energised and productive as they focus on empowering all areas of life.

The tips and techniques are simple to implement, and having a free bonus Guided Meditation Download means that you can start your self-care today.

Inside this inspiring book you will:
• Find out the 9 benefits that can make stress work for you.
• Learn the 6 Daily Success Rituals that you can begin today for a more fulfilling life.
• Discover many practical tips for living a happy healthy lifestyle.
• Read about the different areas of health that impact on vitality.
• Realise how simple self-care activities can make a powerful difference to peace of mind.

Follow the advice of this book and you’ll soon learn how you can disconnect from the madness of ‘busyness’ and create more calm in your life. As a result, you’ll feel more fulfilled and more productive.

What’s stopping you from waking up every morning full of energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead?

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Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management

Relaxation techniques for stress managementWith the holiday season behind us, as the kids are now well and truly settled back into their normal school-day routines, our attention returns to our need for regular stress relief practices so that we can cope with our role in the workplace. If we are fortunate, we have meaningful employment that we enjoy, and we gain satisfaction from our productivity by providing goods or service to others. A regular daily walk at the end of the day can help to transition from the office/shop environment to home and enable the separation between professional and personal life.

Many people, however, are inundated by the many symptoms of stress when they feel stuck in the struggle to pay bills and process the regular challenges of daily life. Modern workers juggle many responsibilities that fit in around their busy work schedule, whilst lacking personal time for relaxation techniques. Tapping out your Cortices takes only a few minutes and calms your brain down to be able to think more clearly.

Many corporate work places are so focused on their profits that they forget about the needs of their personnel beyond the regulation breaks. They do little to reassure employees that their working skills are valued and their positions are safe. People need to build personal stress relief into a daily routine in order to alleviate everyday overwhelm and diffuse the many frustrations that build up.

Today’s workforce sees most workers multi-tasking with fewer resources and an increasing amount of productivity expected from individuals. Stress management is not often acknowledged in the corporate world, however inefficiency is scrutinised, so it is wise to take good care of yourself to prevent avoidable errors brought on by stress.

Our fight/flight reactions become triggered easily by the inundation of tasks and our body/mind thinks that we are in serious danger, even if our life isn’t threatened. The internal dialogue that reminds us that we have “too much to do and too little time” alerts our physiology that we need to be on guard. Stress relief techniques help us to function purposely without alerting the stress hormonal response.

When you feel overwhelmed it is powerful to using some simple relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, meditation or gentle exercise.

I share my Daily Success Rituals in my new book “The Benefits of Stress”, which is being launched on Amazon today with a 3 day FREE promotion.

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I hope you enjoy it.

The Secret to Making and Keeping Goals

Write + Read + Action GoalsHow to make 2016 your best year yet

I love the energy of the New Year. It gives us all a fresh start, a chance to review our lives and look to the future with hope. If you’ve had a relaxing holiday, you’ll feel ready to make some plans for the year ahead. It’s a great time to commit to healthy lifestyle choices, such as losing weight, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, saving money for a holiday or even buying a pushbike. Whatever you want to do, you must take action towards making it happen!
However, there’s a problem. New Year’s Resolutions are notorious for being broken at the first challenge. Unless our goals are specific and we are clear about our purpose, we lose momentum and give up. By the end of the January, we find ourselves feeling even worse. Because our goals weren’t specific enough, we judge ourselves harshly for our lack of achievement. It’s not at all fun.
What gets in our way is fear. The self doubt, a lack of resources, thinking that there’s no time: there’s always a reason to quit if we listen to our fear. Fear is trying to protect us from danger because we are wired to pick up all the information around us. We are always on alert, and that can interfere with our ability to be confident in the face of challenges.
If, on the other hand, we make plans that align with our values, it is easier to face our fears with courage and achieve a great deal. Read on if you want to find out how to successfully achieve our goals by using a really simple technique.
First of all, when making a list of goals think about the people and things that you love to surround yourself with as well as the activities that you really enjoy. These can give you clues about making healthy and empowering choices for the year ahead. You might consider meditating every morning, taking a holiday to somewhere you haven’t been before, starting a new fitness routine or finding a new job. Whatever you choose to have on your list of goals must have significance for you. You need to really desire it. It has to be important enough to motivate you into action.
Once you’ve seriously committed to your goals, the next step is to focus on making them happen. This is the fun part. It is in itself a simple process, but having the commitment to work on it daily is the key that separates the achievers from the procrastinators. Everything depends on how much to want to achieve your goal. In other words, it’s up to you. If you take action you will reap the results.
So, here is the technique:
The secret to making goals and achieving them is to
(1) WRITE them down and then
(2) READ them out loud every day and most importantly
(3) take ACTION every day.
Our goals are achievable when we use this 3 step formula.

BodyTalk is an energetic holistic therapy that allows the body and mind to release stored emotional “blockages” gently and effectively at a cellular level so that vitality is restored. Similar to tuning your car, BodyTalk focuses on the communication of all the parts of the body so that it functions smoothly.
If you have goals that you know are being disempowered by your past, contact Robyn on 0411 542 889 to make a BodyTalk appointment.
When you see the results, you will be glad you started today.
Don’t give up on your dreams.


Natural Pain Relief with BodyTalk

Natural pain reliefOur physical bodies are ingeniously designed to house our soul over the course of a lifetime. Sometimes, however, our parts wear out or become injured, and we experience acute pain that interferes with our daily activities.
A common response to pain is to take pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs; however, these don’t always work as they mask the symptoms but don’t boost the underlying natural healing process.
Physical pain is our body’s way of attracting attention to an injury or energetic imbalance so that we can attend to its source.
Before we look at what BodyTalk can do to for natural pain relief, let us first acknowledge the complexities of the cellular structures of the body, and its ability to adapt to the environment that we live in.
Designed to keep us safe, the body can react to danger instantaneously, without requiring us to think about what we are doing. Our in-built responses give us the opportunity to flee threats according to their direction of impact. Being agile enables greater adaptability and survival.
Nothing speaks of physical fitness more than an active body that endures the challenges of diverse ranges of motion, punctuated by periods of rest. The healthy body is a masterpiece that is intended to last many years.
When we are in acute pain, however, we are forced to rest, recover and reassess our activities. When our movement is restricted, we can feel frustrated, and if we are hurt, our senses can become overwhelmed with the painful distraction. The body is designed to heal, and the pain highlights the areas that require natural pain relief.
I saw a client some years ago who had injured his knee whilst running. Unhappy with the lengthy recovery time of 10 months estimated by his doctor, he came to see me because he was determined to get back on track as quickly as possible. I cautioned him to exercise carefully, in line with his doctor’s advice, however after 3 BodyTalk sessions that focused on his knee’s own natural healing abilities, he was soon running again.
BodyTalk has a number of techniques that assist with the reduction of acute pain, whether working with the body’s physical structure or an underlying consciousness issue. Always tailored to the individual’s circumstances, BodyTalk speeds up the healing process by targeting the area that is in need of attention.
Granted, if you have a broken bone, there is nowhere more equipped than a hospital emergency room, however, if you want to recover more quickly, book a BodyTalk appointment to speed the natural healing process. You might be surprised at what you discover about yourself!
Call Robyn today on 0411 542 889.

10 Facts about Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

10 Facts about Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

10 Facts about Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

1. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis affects 14 million people in the United States
2. Hashimoto’s is the most common thyroid disorder in America.
3. Women are 7 times more likely to have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis than men
4. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune thyroid disorder.
5. The body produces antibodies that attack its own chemical components.
6. These types of disorders are caused by a malfunction in your immune system.
7. Thyroid hormones influence growth, sexual maturing, and mental development as well as the blood cholesterol.
8. Symptoms include weight gain, cold intolerance, dry skin, depression, hair thinning, fatigue, foggy brain and stiffness.
9. The thyroid needs iodine to make the T1 and T2 hormones
10. Xenoestrogens leach from BPA plastics and disrupt the endocrine system and upset the hormones.