“The Benefits of Stress” is now an Amazon Kindle #1 Best Seller

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Number 1 Best Seller in Energy Healing

Following a successful launch of “The Benefits of Stress” it is exciting to be able to announce that the book has become an Amazon Kindle #1 Best Seller.

I want to extend a special thank you to every one who has supported me to get this book published. 

“The Benefits of Stress” was released globally so you can grab a copy on any Amazon site.

It is available in the Australian Amazon store on this link: http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01BMFY8FY

and the US store on this link: http://amzn.com/B01BMFY8FY

When you’ve finished reading it, I’d love to know what you thought of it. Please leave a review on Amazon for me.

For those of you who like to read a hard copy, I am in the process of releasing a paperback version within the next 2 months. I will keep you posted.


“The Benefits of Stress” BOOK OUT NOW

Simple Relaxation Techniques for Mastering Stress Management


Do you feel tired and overwhelmed by stress as you struggle to keep up with a never-ending “to-do” list?

Have you got too much to do and not enough time to do it?

Are you going through the motions of routine without a sense of joy?

This practical and enlightening book is packed with powerful ideas and techniques that can be used immediately to increase your vitality and sense of purpose.

Stress is one of the most debilitating afflictions of modern living that can undermine women’s health and happiness. The Benefits of Stress shows another side to the messages that stress delivers and prompts us to make lasting changes that will establish thriving growth.Unless we stop and listen to the innate wisdom of our body and mind, we remain disconnected from our source of fulfillment that comes from a deep sense of purpose. If our lives are constantly disrupted by unresolved stress, we spend our time in damage control, reacting to our physical, mental and emotional discomfort as we lose focus on the things that truly matter. The years pass quickly and when we don’t feel like we can achieve our dreams we become challenged by our frustrations.

Stress chokes the happiness from our lives, while the financial cost of its treatment is enormous. Even the World Health Organisation says that stress has become one of the leading causes of disease.

Written by a natural therapist with over 10 years experience as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, who has personally experienced an abundance of life’s challenges, The Benefits of Stress is a collation of practical, common-sense ideas and information that can help women to feel more energised and productive as they focus on empowering all areas of life.

The tips and techniques are simple to implement, and having a free bonus Guided Meditation Download means that you can start your self-care today.

Inside this inspiring book you will:
• Find out the 9 benefits that can make stress work for you.
• Learn the 6 Daily Success Rituals that you can begin today for a more fulfilling life.
• Discover many practical tips for living a happy healthy lifestyle.
• Read about the different areas of health that impact on vitality.
• Realise how simple self-care activities can make a powerful difference to peace of mind.

Follow the advice of this book and you’ll soon learn how you can disconnect from the madness of ‘busyness’ and create more calm in your life. As a result, you’ll feel more fulfilled and more productive.

What’s stopping you from waking up every morning full of energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead?

Click on this link for your copy  http://amzn.com/B01BMFY8FY


Cleanse your Liver to Make Lasting Plans for your Year Ahead


Cleanse Your Liver

Cleanse Your Liver

The beginning of the year is traditionally a relaxing time to review the past, and make new goals for the future. It’s great to daydream about where you want to focus your potential.


New Year’s resolutions have a reputation for falling by the way when challenges get tough if they are like shallow promises made without commitment in the midst of the party season fever.


If you are determined to succeed with your plans this year, make sure that they truly represent your values and not some flimsy passing wish. You can be certain that promises made during the festive season where alcohol is consumed are very likely to be compromised because of the Liver.


Cleanse Your Liver

The Liver? What has it got to do with goal setting you may wonder?
The Liver, known as the Seat of the Soul in Chinese Medicine, is the organ that supports our organisational skills, processing our subconscious information whilst we sleep at night.


If the Liver is congested with toxins, it is sluggish in transporting the bile towards the Gall Bladder. It is difficult to make plans when you can’t release the “baggage” of the past, especially if you have been angry and unable to express yourself.


In cooperation with the Liver, the Gall Bladder subconsciously gives us courage to make decisions and stay motivated. These two organs need to have clear energetic communication if you want to make long term goals that outlive the festive season.

Create Lasting Plans

Drink plenty of water, including lemon juice to help detoxify the Liver and focus on goals that you want to achieve rather than appeasing other people’s expectations.


BodyTalk is a powerful way to get on track for the year ahead as you prioritise the things that are meaningful to you. It is remarkable how clear your plans become when you process your “stuff”.


Make your health and well being your major goal this year so that you can continue to grow in all areas of your life.

Focus on the Year Ahead

Call Robyn on 0411 542 889 to make a BodyTalk appointment today… make this year count as the one to remember for what you are able to achieve with your personal goals.

7 Steps to Sound Sleep

Get a good night's sleepDo you get enough sleep each night? Or do you wake in the morning feeling exhausted?
Do you recall any vivid dreams? Or do you wake up to scary nightmares?
Our bodies rejuvenate during sleep yet many people don’t get the recommended eight hours each night to revive the mind and body for the next day.
When we relax after dinner, we become naturally sleepy, and this is the ideal cue to go to bed. Often though, we stay glued to the television, or continue to do activities that keep the brain in an alert state, and this delays the natural rhythms of the body clock.
Sleep relaxes us as we process the day’s events, and helps us to recharge our brain. A good sleep gives us the opportunity to wake up refreshed and alert in the morning, ready for the events of a new day.

A lack of sleep impairs our ability to function in the long term, so here are some useful tips to maximise your chances of having a good restful sleep that will energise your body, mind and spirit.

7 Steps to Sound Sleep

1. Stop drinking stimulants such as tea, coffee and energy drinks after 4pm. Try herbal teas like chamomile or peppermint instead.
2. Try not to eat your evening meal or snacks too close to bedtime. Eat at least 4 hours earlier to give the body time to digest before lying down.
3. If you are still thinking intensely about your day, write your thoughts down so that you don’t have to remember everything overnight, and then you can focus on them the next day.
4. Turn off all electronic devices, such as computers, tablets and phones at least an hour before bedtime. The light exposure and the radiation that they emit can disrupt the body’s natural rhythms.
5. Exercise regularly during the day so that the body is tired and ready for rest.
6. Keep regular bedtime patterns and have a 30 to 60 minute routine to wind down at night.
7. Actively process your subconscious baggage with regular self care and BodyTalk sessions. There can be many reasons that we aren’t sleeping well and it is always a relief to release any underlying hindrance to a healthy restful sleep.

Sweet dreams!

7 Important Reasons to Drink Your Water

Drink Your Water

Drink Your Water

7 Important Reasons to Drink Your Water

The adult human being is made up of at least 70% water, yet few of us drink enough of the liquid to hydrate our body/mind, let alone maintain our wellness.

Many health issues can be addressed simply by drinking more fresh clean water each day.


Here are 7 important reasons to drink 4-6 glasses of water each day:

  1. Maintain a youthful complexion. Water flushes impurities from our digestive system. We appear to age faster when we are constantly stressed.  Keeping our body as hydrated as possible can prevent the immune system having to respond to inflammation.
  2. Keep illness and disease at bay. Water assists with healthy RNA/DNA reproduction during cell division. Cells rely on the hydration process to remove toxins.
  3. Think clearly. The brain relies on water for the transmission and function of nerves. Many people suffer with Headaches that can manifest when we are dehydrated.
  4. Process your emotional baggage.  Have a glass of water to start each day feeling refreshed and ready for new challenges. Constipation, apart from its physical discomfort, keeps us bound to yesterday’s “stuff”. Plenty of water keeps us vital.
  5. Reduce pain in your body and joints. Hydration lubricates the nerve endings. Lack of water increases the agony of Arthritis, a painful affliction for many, and stops people leading active lives.
  6. Have more energy. Fuel your body with the energy that is released when the water molecules split into hydrogen and oxygen.  Hydrate your cells and flush out the impurities for plenty of vitality.
  7. Decrease stress levels. We are overwhelmed with challenges that affect us physiologically, mentally and emotionally in our busy lives. Drinking plenty of water helps to process the impulses of the flight/fight response as we strive to remain calm and centred.