How to Regulate your Breathing Techniques with BodyTalk and Increase your Blood Oxygen Level

blood oxygen level Would you love to wake up on Monday morning and start your day with powerful breathing techniques before you jump out of bed full of excitement and enthusiasm for your day ahead? It is exciting to see what life has to offer when you are productive and focused on your dreams, particularly if they involve helping others.

People who are pursuing their goals will identify with this energised start to the day, but for many, the drudgery of routine knocks the wind out of their sails and destroys any feelings of joy. Unfortunately the disappointments of how life has actually turned out are a far cry from where you thought you’d be when you dreamed of your future as an innocent child. Reality and responsibility can trap us into thinking that this is as good as it gets, and we can suffer from grief about our lost dreams.

It is normal to worry about our survival because we are wired to react to danger so that we can make appropriate changes for our safety. However, part of our response to stress impacts on our breathing techniques. We breathe in a shallow manner when we are alerted to peril, and this can become a routine pattern unless we consciously remind ourselves to breathe all the way down into our lungs. Compromised breathing inhibits the blood oxygen level of the whole body and causes fluctuations in the emotional state.

Have you ever stopped to think about all the work your body does automatically, like breathing, with no conscious effort from you as you go about your day? In my mind, it is a miracle that we stay so healthy and live for so long, given all the stress that we encounter on a daily basis.

As we draw air into our bodies, our lungs convert it into oxygen and that supplies energy to our blood, which in turn circulates it throughout our body. This gives us life and animates our body and mind. In short: no oxygen, no life. Just ask anyone who suffers from asthma or emphysema how restricted they feel when they can’t get any air. It is frightening to not be able to fill your lungs to capacity, and urgent treatment is necessary to survive an attack.

When we address the lungs in BodyTalk we look at the physical function as well as the underlying issues, such as grief and environmental alerts that compromise our well-being.

We have an excellent technique that opens up the capacity of the lungs that helps to revitalise the whole body. One of my clients has reported back to me that her blood tests showed a significant measured increase in haemoglobin levels since her last BodyTalk treatment. That means she now has an improved blood oxygen level throughout her body, and that is great news for every one of her approximate 100 trillion cells.

When she shared this information with me I was very excited because it represents feedback of tangible results from her BodyTalk treatment.

When we face an overwhelming amount of pressure and stress in this crazy fast paced world, we don’t usually think about our breathing techniques or the importance of the job that our lungs do for our basic survival. It is important that we are able to keep the flow of oxygen circulating throughout our body to keep our cells functioning well and our energy levels high.

BodyTalk is a great way to improve your vitality. Get in touch for your appointment today. Phone 0411 542 889, or email me at to make a time to restore your energy levels sooner rather than later.

“The Benefits of Stress” is now an Amazon Kindle #1 Best Seller

Number 1 Best Seller Energy Healing Ribbon

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Following a successful launch of “The Benefits of Stress” it is exciting to be able to announce that the book has become an Amazon Kindle #1 Best Seller.

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Simple Relaxation Techniques for Mastering Stress Management


Do you feel tired and overwhelmed by stress as you struggle to keep up with a never-ending “to-do” list?

Have you got too much to do and not enough time to do it?

Are you going through the motions of routine without a sense of joy?

This practical and enlightening book is packed with powerful ideas and techniques that can be used immediately to increase your vitality and sense of purpose.

Stress is one of the most debilitating afflictions of modern living that can undermine women’s health and happiness. The Benefits of Stress shows another side to the messages that stress delivers and prompts us to make lasting changes that will establish thriving growth.Unless we stop and listen to the innate wisdom of our body and mind, we remain disconnected from our source of fulfillment that comes from a deep sense of purpose. If our lives are constantly disrupted by unresolved stress, we spend our time in damage control, reacting to our physical, mental and emotional discomfort as we lose focus on the things that truly matter. The years pass quickly and when we don’t feel like we can achieve our dreams we become challenged by our frustrations.

Stress chokes the happiness from our lives, while the financial cost of its treatment is enormous. Even the World Health Organisation says that stress has become one of the leading causes of disease.

Written by a natural therapist with over 10 years experience as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, who has personally experienced an abundance of life’s challenges, The Benefits of Stress is a collation of practical, common-sense ideas and information that can help women to feel more energised and productive as they focus on empowering all areas of life.

The tips and techniques are simple to implement, and having a free bonus Guided Meditation Download means that you can start your self-care today.

Inside this inspiring book you will:
• Find out the 9 benefits that can make stress work for you.
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• Discover many practical tips for living a happy healthy lifestyle.
• Read about the different areas of health that impact on vitality.
• Realise how simple self-care activities can make a powerful difference to peace of mind.

Follow the advice of this book and you’ll soon learn how you can disconnect from the madness of ‘busyness’ and create more calm in your life. As a result, you’ll feel more fulfilled and more productive.

What’s stopping you from waking up every morning full of energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead?

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Natural Remedies for Better Health

Natural RemediesThe Cancer Council of Australia has this week published its findings in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health (Volume 39, Issue 5) that confirm the understanding of every holistic health practitioner: that lifestyle changes can prevent many diseases from becoming life threatening.

The study looked at the effects of tobacco smoke, alcohol, solar radiation, infectious agents, obesity, insufficient physical activity, insufficient intakes of fruits, vegetables and fibre, red and processed meat, menopausal hormone therapy, the oral contraceptive pill , and insufficient breast feeding.
Poor lifestyle choices are seeing approximately 37,000 extra cancer cases each year in Australia that are preventable. That equates to one third of all diagnoses being for treatments that wouldn’t occur if people were more proactive with their healthcare.
When we have a personal health scare, we become motivated to reassess our lifestyle to see what we can do to improve our well-being. If we have an illness that requires medical management, it is wise to take an active interest from a holistic healing perspective and not rely completely on the pharmaceutical medications to get you well.
Your doctor is ethically bound to help you get better, but their role in your life is limited by the nature of the professional relationship. They can share their knowledge, give you advice and write a prescription, but after the consultation, it is you who goes home with your illness.
If you continue to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and eat convenience foods, that have inadequate amounts of fibre, you create an internal microbiome that is ripe for imbalance. When your body systems have compromised function, it makes sense to change the way you think and act before it is too late.

Find Yourself a Holistic Health Practitioner
By making improvements to your lifestyle it’s possible to support your body with natural remedies and work with your doctor to improve your chances of recovery. When you work with a holistic health practitioner, such as a BodyTalk practitioner, you can complement your doctor’s treatment and work towards minimising stress and increasing your body’s overall chances for recovery.
When it comes to taking care of yourself, it is wise to treat your bodymind with the utmost respect for the incredible job that it does over a long period of time. Considering that we are made up of approximately 4 trillion cells, the possibilities for abnormal cell division are quite high. The innate wisdom that works hard to keep us well is nature’s most advanced holistic healing function.

Holistic Healing through BodyTalk
BodyTalk taps into this intelligence and is able to correct miscommunications at the cellular level, long before an illness manifests. That is why so many people love to have BodyTalk treatments on a regular basis, so that they can reduce their stress levels and enjoy life more.
BodyTalk does not rely on selling any products to make you well, although your practitioner may recommend natural remedies that are simple for you to add to your daily routine. For example, if you drink hot water with lemon juice each morning soon after you get up, it helps to cleanse your liver so it can function well. You will generally find that BodyTalkers prefer holistic healing approaches to your well-being because there are many simple things that you can incorporate into your lifestyle easily so that you receive the benefits of increased energy and vitality.

Let Your BodyTalk to Your Holistic Health Coach

Let your body talkBodyTalk is a gentle holistic therapy that gets transformational results by giving the subconscious issues of the body a voice.

We often don’t take the time to process and release our reactions to life’s challenges. Our chaotic lives provide the ideal reason to shove our emotions deep down, thinking that we will deal with them later.
Often we remain so busy that we forget to reflect on what has happened. We ignore a review of our reactions, and consequently the body deals with them within our biology. Our cellular structure is weakened as it is burdened with extra unprocessed information.This, in turn, allows our emotions to compromise our health and it can make us sick.
Alternatively, when you let your body talk by tapping into the innate consciousness, it is easy to process emotions through the energetic circuitry and release the imbalances safely and gently. When you let go of your challenges, you gain the benefits of experience that develop your wisdom without the sense of trauma.
Without healthy expression, our pancreas will worry more than it is designed to do, and our digestive system will have to work harder to extract the essence from any issues. Have you noticed how upset your stomach feels when you are anxious about something? We even say that we have butterflies in our stomach when we are nervous.
When we face a crisis that triggers our subconscious memory, it is possible to overreact because the new event forces us to deal with our emotional backlog. When we step from being logical and in control, into an instant overwhelm of emotion, whether it be fear, sadness, anger or jealousy, we are engaging with pain from our past.
When our activated hurt becomes our behaviour, we need a way to release its hold. When we can identify the underlying cause, we can set ourselves free.
holistic health coachEvery BodyTalk practitioner is an holistic health coach, encouraging your body/mind to recognise any issues that need to be explored so they can be released. Once you let go of your “stuff”, you feel a deep sense of relaxation and peace.
Without the chaos interfering with your energy, you can let your body talk about any aspect of your health that is a priority. This holistic therapy focuses on the individual’s specific needs rather than imposing an agenda, and that makes BodyTalk very effective when dealing with emotional traumas.
BodyTalk is safe and gentle for people dealing with distress as it releases the emotional hold. When the body relaxes, the innate wisdom can direct the healing processes to get to work at the cellular level.
BodyTalk Practitioners work as an holistic health coach setting up a dialogue with the innate wisdom. We observe the release of tensions and imbalances of energy. It’s always rewarding to see people who become much happier when they have released an issue that has held them back for a long time.
Why don’t you make an appointment today? Phone 0411 542 889.

The Meeting of BodyTalk and Science

IBA Conference Vancouver 2015International Gathering for Holistic Healthcare Practitioners

I have just returned from the International BodyTalk Association Members Conference in Vancouver, where I spent three days with my colleagues from across the globe discussing the application and brilliance of the BodyTalk System. This community of holistic healthcare practitioners includes medical doctors, scientists, nurses, chiropractors, teachers, business owners, as well as a variety of people who have been inspired to help others by utilising BodyTalk to improve healthcare naturally.

 Holistic Approach to Health

John Veltheim’s address reminded us about the effectiveness of tapping out the Reciprocals. This was one of the first techniques he taught at the first BodyTalk course in Malta in 1993, as a way to improve the movement and function of the body. John emphasised that his desire to teach simple techniques to enable people to help themselves was his original motivating force.
[Read to the end to find out how you can learn the Reciprocals for yourself.]

BodyTalk and Scientists Share the Stage

In addition to presentations from the BodyTalk community, we were fortunate to have two dedicated scientists as our keynote speakers, who shared great enthusiasm for BodyTalk and its implications for holistic healthcare.
Professor Gerald Pollack PhD, from the University of Washington in Seattle has focused his research on water, specifically the fourth phase of water, known as EZ water.

When hydration becomes a frequent priority in our BodyTalk treatments, the knowledge that Professor Pollack shared with us from his research findings, is immediately useful in our healthcare practices.

Nassim Haramein is well known in the scientific world as a controversial thinker for his dedication to his research into the connected universe. Hi search for a unified theory that connects the cosmological and astrophysics sciences with the quantum sciences has challenged traditional scientific views, but to us, as BodyTalkers, makes total sense (“as above so below”).

I will be writing more in my next post about what each of these inspirational speakers discussed, particularly with regard to the implications for healthcare.

Holistic Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Finally, enthused by John’s words about the Reciprocals, a technique that I use often in my practice, I have decided to share the technique with anyone who books and pays in advance for three BodyTalk appointments with me at my clinic in Fitzgibbon.

In addition to your scheduled three appointments, where we will address your specific healthcare issues, I will show you all three groups of Reciprocal points so that you can implement them into your daily well-being. Just ask at your time of booking (Phone 0411 542 889) and it will be included.

In my opinion, a block of treatments is far more effective that expecting a miracle from one appointment, so this offer is ideal for anyone committed to improving their health using a safe and effective way.

The best part of attending the International BodyTalk Association Members Conference is the reminder that BodyTalk is a unique and powerful holistic approach to health that has the ability to address underlying issues that, once addressed, promote wellness in all areas of the bodymind.

Now, that is exciting news for being able to improve healthcare naturally!

Phone 0411 542 889 for your appointment.

Holistic Health with BodyTalk

Holistic Health

It is no fun to feel sick. Everyone agrees, especially if they are confined to bed waiting for an illness to pass. It can be very miserable. Traditionally, we are advised to consult a doctor if we feel unwell, where we itemise our problems, “I’ve got a sore throat and a headache” and rely on the GP to diagnose the disease and prescribe medicine for a speedy recovery.


Doctors often recognise when we have similar symptoms to the other patients who they have seen recently. We feel reassured when we are told “It is something that is going around” and we often leave with a prescription that we collect from the chemist on the way home.


Holistic health care takes a different approach because it treats the person as an individual who has their own inbuilt power to heal. Holistic health recognises the interdependent relationships between all the individual parts of the body, and that if one part has compromised vitality, then the overall health of the entire system will be affected. Rather than focusing on the illness, it is more effective to address the underlying issue, and this is different for each individual.


It is interesting to note that whilst symptoms appear to be similar amongst people who present with the same disease, it is puzzling that only certain members of a community become ill at a similar level of exposure to the disease.


It is likely that a person’s vulnerability to the onset of sickness depends largely on their immune system and can also be strongly influenced by their belief systems.
Have you ever heard a mother with small children say “I don’t have time to be sick” with full conviction, and remain healthy when the rest of the family is laid up in bed with the flu? A balanced immune system combined with determination creates stronger defense against stress and dis-ease.


Holistic health care

Holistic health concentrates on overcoming lifestyle influences and environmental factors that can upset the delicate balance that is always in play between the body, mind and spirit. It considers the well-being of the whole person rather than focusing on the individual parts of a human being. Personal problems, for example can cause digestive troubles. Irregular sleep habits can stress the nervous system. If lifestyle challenges are not addressed, prolonged stress can develop into serious recurring health issues.


When people are proactive with their well-being by implementing positive lifestyle changes, they are more likely to enjoy daily life. In my opinion, self care and healthy choices are vital for a long, happy life.

BodyTalk has effective preventative techniques


BodyTalk utilises techniques, such as Tapping out your Cortices that keep the energetic connections flowing between the brain and the rest of the body. It is so simple, takes very little time and makes a lasting relaxing impression on the person who is being “Tapped Out”, especially when it is done regularly.


BodyTalk is a great example of holistic health care, as it is concerned with addressing all aspects of an individual’s lifestyle, including psychological, physical and emotional influences on the body, mind and soul. The whole bodymind is regarded as a complex interconnected system rather that isolated individual parts. Physical pain can often manifest from unresolved emotional issues that are crying to be recognised and released.


Unlike a doctor, who simply looks at the symptoms for a diagnosis, a BodyTalk Practitioner considers the underlying influences that affect the total balance when treating a person’s health and well-being. The various components of the body (organs, glands, fluids etc) can be so stressed so that they are not synchronised with their support networks so their function is sluggish.


The BodyTalk practitioner takes account of all aspects of a person’s circumstances when providing a treatment that strives for optimal health and wellness. The bodymind can relax and heal when the emphasis on the connection of the whole mind, body, and spirit is acknowledged. How the person interacts with their environment is critical to the body being able to heal itself.


BodyTalk can address the imbalances and help to restore vitality back into life. By addressing the whole person holistically, anything that affects the overall health can be gently and effectively resolved and released.