How to Regulate your Breathing Techniques with BodyTalk and Increase your Blood Oxygen Level

blood oxygen level Would you love to wake up on Monday morning and start your day with powerful breathing techniques before you jump out of bed full of excitement and enthusiasm for your day ahead? It is exciting to see what life has to offer when you are productive and focused on your dreams, particularly if they involve helping others.

People who are pursuing their goals will identify with this energised start to the day, but for many, the drudgery of routine knocks the wind out of their sails and destroys any feelings of joy. Unfortunately the disappointments of how life has actually turned out are a far cry from where you thought you’d be when you dreamed of your future as an innocent child. Reality and responsibility can trap us into thinking that this is as good as it gets, and we can suffer from grief about our lost dreams.

It is normal to worry about our survival because we are wired to react to danger so that we can make appropriate changes for our safety. However, part of our response to stress impacts on our breathing techniques. We breathe in a shallow manner when we are alerted to peril, and this can become a routine pattern unless we consciously remind ourselves to breathe all the way down into our lungs. Compromised breathing inhibits the blood oxygen level of the whole body and causes fluctuations in the emotional state.

Have you ever stopped to think about all the work your body does automatically, like breathing, with no conscious effort from you as you go about your day? In my mind, it is a miracle that we stay so healthy and live for so long, given all the stress that we encounter on a daily basis.

As we draw air into our bodies, our lungs convert it into oxygen and that supplies energy to our blood, which in turn circulates it throughout our body. This gives us life and animates our body and mind. In short: no oxygen, no life. Just ask anyone who suffers from asthma or emphysema how restricted they feel when they can’t get any air. It is frightening to not be able to fill your lungs to capacity, and urgent treatment is necessary to survive an attack.

When we address the lungs in BodyTalk we look at the physical function as well as the underlying issues, such as grief and environmental alerts that compromise our well-being.

We have an excellent technique that opens up the capacity of the lungs that helps to revitalise the whole body. One of my clients has reported back to me that her blood tests showed a significant measured increase in haemoglobin levels since her last BodyTalk treatment. That means she now has an improved blood oxygen level throughout her body, and that is great news for every one of her approximate 100 trillion cells.

When she shared this information with me I was very excited because it represents feedback of tangible results from her BodyTalk treatment.

When we face an overwhelming amount of pressure and stress in this crazy fast paced world, we don’t usually think about our breathing techniques or the importance of the job that our lungs do for our basic survival. It is important that we are able to keep the flow of oxygen circulating throughout our body to keep our cells functioning well and our energy levels high.

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