The Fourth Phase of Water

EZ Water

BodyTalk meets EZ Water

Gerald H. Pollack PhD, Professor of Bio-engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, US, has focused his research on water, specifically the fourth phase of water, known as EZ water.

We were fortunate to have him speak at the recent International BodyTalk Association Members Conference in Vancouver in August, where we were treated to an explanation of his laboratory findings.

The Professor enthusiastically shared his years of research with the BodyTalk members, knowing that this information is very useful for our treatments.

We are generally aware of the three states of water, being solid, liquid and vapor, however the fourth phase, known as EZ (Exclusion Zone) water has a purity and viscosity that creates powerful benefits for healthcare, particularly for practitioners of energy medicine, such as BodyTalk. Now, when the BodyTalk Hydration technique comes up as a priority in a BodyTalk treatment, we can use this information to energetically saturate the cells in the body much faster by aligning with the cell structures.

The Fourth Phase of WaterEZ water occurs when liquid water meets a surface. The molecular configuration is changed to a gel-like structure, creating a liquid crystal, which happens to be the main component of water within our cells.

BodyTalk Hydration Technique


Knowing about EZ water helps us to understand the cellular components that maximise the body’s hydration. We can focus our BodyTalk Hydration treatments specifically on the EZ water in the body to improve the uptake of water in all areas that require a good saturation of water to function well, for example the blood.

Many people do not drink enough water each day to keep the cells and joints in the body lubricated. Dehydration has severe detrimental effects that impact on the physiology of all systems of the body, and contribute to the breakdown of our cellular structures, thus contributing to disease.

EZ WaterProfessor Pollack has found that light builds the store of EZ water, so to optimise health, exposure to sunlight is necessary for the body’s systems to operate well.
He showed us his lab experiments where he created a motion machine that is almost perpetual with the use of EZ water. It demonstrated that a well hydrated body system should function fairly effortlessly, and provide necessary lubrication for the organs and body parts when it is provided with clean water.
Understanding the vitality that is provided to us through our consumption of clean water, as it is converted to EZ water encourages us to keep our bodies well hydrated for a long healthy life.

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