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When I began BodyTalk, my food intolerance was in a critical phase. Excessive heat to my head, face, neck and lower front of my arms and legs caused severe skin inflammation and itching. Because of this I lost weight, became frail and felt fragile, tired and exhausted. Socialising was minimised as this was usually associated with food.

BodyTalk sessions have eased the food intolerance and allowed me to enjoy a greater variety of foods.

Since BodyTalk I feel that my body is healing. I have been able to gain weight and feel stronger.

I have recommended BodyTalk to my family and friends as I have felt its many benefits. BodyTalk does not involve taking tablets or constant ongoing management of my food intolerance/allergy. BodyTalk is a real healing process.

Krischa, Sherwood, Brisbane


I cannot thank Robyn enough for all the healing she has helped me achieve through our Bodytalk sessions. Each and every time I engage in a session I am awestruck with her amazing ability to connect with my body mind spirit and pinpoint the exact issue/s at hand and then assist me in letting go of them and begin the healing process. It has been a great emotional and spiritual journey for me for which I am humbly grateful to have undertaken and to have had a most amazing, wonderful strong woman such as Robyn to share this with. Without a doubt there has been many times where I’ve cried rivers of tears and then come out the other side anew with a better outlook and attitude to my life, and most importantly with a feeling of well being. There have even been times when I’ve felt like a child again with a renewed vigor, curiosity, and awe of the world around me and with no stress, tensions, panic or fear holding me back from being the person I was born to be. She has helped peel away the layers I have spent years building up to protect myself from imaginary wolves. What an achievement!

The greatest thing to come out of Bodytalk is that I am now being true to me and it is amazing how friends, family and co-workers now see and treat me. They can all see the improvements in my persona and it truly rubs off on everyone around me. It has opened me to love again in a way I never thought possible.
Thanks Robyn – you are a truly remarkable woman who I hold the deepest respect for.
Learn to Love always and learn to let go of all of things that hold us back and you cannot go wrong. I absolutely recommend Bodytalk sessions with Robyn – go in with an open heart and mind and let the magic and your life begin – it’s priceless.


Megan, Albany Creek, Brisbane


I had doubts that I could overcome the physical and mental limitations of my past and was stuck in my own “story”. BodyTalk gave me the belief in something bigger than me that has a power to heal if I trust the process and let go. I feel more centred after a session, that everything is going to be alright. When I feel good after a session it is a very real reminder that we all have the power to heal ourselves. Every successive session confirms my belief in the system. When I feel I am under pressure from work or my body just doesn’t feel right I know I have BodyTalk to turn to and Robyn to help and guide me to release my blockages and kind of ‘Reset’ me. I would definitely recommend Robyn. Her friendly and caring nature is only matched by her understanding and knowledge of the BodyTalk System. If BodyTalk can turn my life around, then its worth a try. Call Robyn and see how she can help unblock you so you can reach your potential without limitations.

Brian, South Brisbane


Just before I go to bed for what I know is going to be an amazing sleep, I want to feedback that I cannot remember EVER feeling so relaxed, contented and heart centred – still, empty of fear, probably other things too but you get the picture.

I cannot thank you enough… you are a wonderful conduit, if you know what I mean.

Pat, Mansfield, Brisbane


Before BodyTalk I was very stressed and had an irregular cycle. After BodyTalk I feel more at peace and now I have a regular cycle. I feel I can now cope better in stressful situations and am less reactive. Robyn is very gentle and calm and I felt very relaxed during and after the session. I have recommended Robyn’s BodyTalk to all my friends and family.

Nicki, Paddington, Brisbane


I would recommend BodyTalk to anyone. I found the sessions very relaxing and very rewarding. Robyn’s honest caring approach to each session always made me feel at ease. While it is difficult to describe how BodyTalk works, let me just say, it works!The results are very noticeable. The sense of release and uplift I felt after every session could become quite addictive. I feel after just 4 sessions a distinct sense of inner calm.

Tracey, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane


I felt the shift in my first BodyTalk session. Deeply buried feelings came forward and were resolved with my body’s approval, no other therapy has achieved such an easy release.

Sandra, Brisbane


I had been exploring a series of BodyTalk sessions with Robyn and was experiencing subtle but powerful energy shifts. Robyn has a gift of sharing insight which she delivers in a compassionate and non-judgmental fashion. However, the most remarkable thing ocurred immediately after my daughter (then 8) received a treatment. T was recovering from an episode of glandular fever and this day was feeling lethargic and generally miserable and was home from school. She accompanied me to the clinic, and after my session concluded, Robyn invited T to get on the table. Robyn radiates a calm and grounded presence. T felt confident and didn’t hesitate. After a short session, T literally bounced off the table and hasn’t had a low energy day like that since (9 months is it?) Thank you so much, Robyn. When I look back it really was quite remarkable! I don’t fully understand the finer points of BodyTalk, but it is truly amazing!

Lynda, Clayfield, Brisbane



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